Almas Jiwani Addressed the Inter-­‐Parliamentarian Forum of the Americas (FIPA) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

On June 28th 2011, Ms. Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada National Committee was flown to the Inter-­‐Parliamentary Forum of the Americas as a guest of the Government of the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, Ms. Jiwani addressed the Dominican Chamber of Deputies where a conference on the theme of Women’s Political and Leadership: Action Plan for the America’s Conference was being organized. At the conference, Jiwani tackled the issue of Women’s Economic Empowerment and the role of Parliamentarians from the Americas and the Caribbean. Parliamentarians from over 18 countries of the America’s listened to Jiwani’s address the encouraged legislators and parliaments to empower women’s participation in democracy and capacity building.

Dr. Gina Hill, Director General of FIPA, says, “We appreciate the expertise that Almas Jiwani will bring to our forum through her specialized insight on the issue of women’s economic and political empowerment. FIPA”s work with civil society and gender equality institutions and experts, such as UN Women and Ms. Jiwani, highlights our commitment to supporting Parliamentarians interested in the unique role played by women in political leadership in the Americas.”