Almas Jiwani to Auction Her Time With Time Auction and Work With Volunteers to Shape the Path for Gender Equality

Almas Jiwani to Auction Her TimeVANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – May 29, 2015) –

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Almas Jiwani will graciously auction her time at Time Auction as the UN Voice of Gender Equality to be one of Time Auction’s inspiring persons to encourage and reward volunteerism.

Time Auction is a social enterprise where volunteers use the hours they have accumulated to bid on an inspiring person with whom they can spend time. Almas Jiwani will now be one of the select few inspiring persons that volunteers can bid towards meeting.

“Time Auction is extremely excited to have Jiwani as a Time Auction. Almas Jiwani has done much to improve the status of women and she is a powerful and influential speaker to boot. We anticipate she will be able to inspire many volunteers to give back even more, and instill in them a sense of optimism that humanity can be improved if we all put time and effort into it,” says David Wen, a member of Time Auction.

Upon becoming a Time Auction, Almas Jiwani had this to say: “Our world is changing, and with it so are the traditional paths of humanitarianism. The road to achieving gender equality does not lie on one straight route, but on many different avenues. I am delighted to become a Time Auction – this is just as much an opportunity for me to meet the future leaders that will be shaping the path for gender equality, as it is it will be for them.”

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About Time Auction

Time Auction is the world’s first platform that allows people to bid volunteer hours to meet inspiring individuals. For example, you can bid 20 volunteer hours to connect with the famous astronaut, Chris Hadfield. You can also bid volunteer hours to meet Olympians, musicians, humanitarians, or other inspiring people. Time Auction envisions a world where everyone volunteers, and loves it too.


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  • For more information or for an interview
    with Ms. Almas Jiwani, please contact:
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