Almas Jiwani to Champion the Cause of Disabled People and Women at the Moeen Center Fundraising Dinner Toronto, Ontario

Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada National Committee delivered a keynote address at the Moeen Center for Physically Disabled and Developmentally Challenged Young Adult’s Annual Fundraising Dinner . Jiwani was an invited dignitary at the event alongside prominent community leader and media personalities including, Zarqa Nawaz, Creator of CBC show, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Abdul Rashid Taylor, Director of Islamic Chaplaincy Services and Shaikh Abdallah Idris Ali, Deputy Secretary General, ISNA Canada.

At the fundraising dinner, Jiwani’s address focused on the topic, “Breaking Barriers: Equality as a Stimulus for Empowerment.” Her speech touched on mobility and accessibility issues facing adults with disabilities. In her address, she championed the cause of disabled women’s empowerment and focused on soliciting support from the Government for building strategic partnerships between civil society groups, Government and the larger community to nourish the intellectual development and facilitate the aspirations and ambitions of disabled peoples