APEC, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan was the site of the 2010 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Network of Women Leaders Meeting. At the 2010 APEC Conference, Ms. Jiwani was invited by the Ms. Marika Brando from the Japanese Cabinet to address the topic of Creation of New Global Economic Activities by Women – Realization through People, Nature and Culture. At the APEC Japan venue, Ms. Jiwani spoke on women’s power of entrepreneurs.

Ms. Yukako Uchinaga, Chairperson of 2010 APEC WLN Steering Committee, emphasized the importance of having the participation and support of world-­‐ renowned speakers at this very important meeting. “We are overjoyed to have the full participation of high-­‐caliber women, such as Ms. Jiwani, at the 2010 APEC WLN, so that women leaders of the 21 APEC economies can further create strong networks for future activities around the globe.”

Dr .Mariko Bando, former Vice Governor of Saitama Prefecture, Japan’s first and only female Consul General in Brisbane, Australia, current President of the Showa Women’s University, and author of over 20 books, praised Almas Jiwani’s involvement at these meetings in Tokyo, stating, “we could not be more pleased and honored that Ms. Jiwani so humbly accepted our invitation to address the esteemed international audience here in Tokyo this week. Almas’ consistent, exceptional work to generate awareness of gender equality and advocate for the empowerment of women globally makes her an ideal speaker and panelist for such high profile conference”.