Child Bride Marriage -­‐ President of UN Women Canada Delivers Keynote Address at the 2011 International Congress in LA, California

On October 27th 2011, the International Congress to Eradicate Early and Forced Marriages at the University of Southern California (USC) , Los Angeles invited Ms. Jiwani to shed light and provide her insight to policymakers, legislators, NGOs, jouranlists, academics and five African first ladies on the issue of child marriage. Ms. Jiwani delivered the opening address at the conference and chaired the session “Govenrment Responses to Forced and Early Marriages” Through the course of her engagement, she emphasized the need for supporting gender equality and social traditions that perpetuate child marriages. Referring to Ms. Jiwani’s engagement at the event, Mousa Boucome, President of Yellitaare and African Empowerment at the University of Southern California states: “ It is with great honour and a privilege that we have Ms. Almas Jiwani speaking/present at our conference. Through her global engagements and down to earth presence, Ms. Jiwani has made real advancements for gender equality and the improvement of rights for women and children. Through her belief and role in building networks among charitable institutions and socially responsible business, Ms. Jiwani illustrates that with great compassion and a humanitarian presence, we can all effect change”

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