The Almas Jiwani Foundation believes that with the miracle of communication and renewable energy the humankind is undergoing a sociological transformation where a win-win gender equality is quite possible despite hostile diverse cultural and socio-political taboos and inhibitions. Smartly reaching out to an individual at the grassroot level in any part of the world has never been so easy and rewarding. AJF aims to empower girls and women by expanding access to quality education, increasing economic opportunity, and providing or improving access to the energy in the remotest parts of the world. . The improved access to the energy is expected to yield a co-benefit of better use of technology and modern communications system including mobile phone and Internet. Our goal is to lift millions of women out of poverty—and with them, their families and entire communities.

AJF carries with it the fifteen years of wealth of striving for gender equality. Today Canada is witnessing its first cabinet comprised of fifty percent women members. This fundamental principle and the soul of AJF further finds its flow down to the grassroots of the far corners of the world. Women equipped with renewable energy and cellular communication – both voice and text – do assert effortlessly for equality. The miracle of technology, by default lays out a new social-contract for gender equality.
Every individual has a right to education, in today’s world education is a basic necessity which helps in the Human, Social and Behavioral development. Education gives people the power to fight poverty and gives them the ability to transform their lives. Every educated being has a responsibility of sharing their knowledge, which will help us create a smarter future for the coming generations. At AJF our mission is to create international education programs which will help us in educating millions of people who lack the opportunity to this basic right.
Our civilization is made up of innovative ideas implemented by enterprising individuals. In every individual living on this earth – whether educated or not and irrespective of class or creed – there is an entrepreneur waiting to rise and shine. With the smart use of modern technology, it has become possible to mobilize micro-economies based on the better use of human capital. Instead of taking a round-turn of giving-taking nexus, there is a clear road to catalyzing entrepreneurship at the grassroots. AJF not only looks in that direction but asserts to change the paradigm of development based on top-down or bottom-up.
Human societies – since millennia – are connected with tender threads of joy and happiness of one or other forms of entertainment. Dance, singing, art, comedy, poetry and folk-lore have been the basics of entertainment throughout the human civilization. AJF believes every individual on earth is an entertainer. With the smart use of modern technology these entertainers have audiences all over the world now. It is just to create that miraculous window.
Modern technology, especially the renewable energy has changed the social dynamics at the grassroot level. By equipping an individual or household in any part of the world with the renewable energy the grass-root entrepreneur and entertainer will rise from the dungeons of poverty. This will create a new force of bottom-up self-help poverty eradication. Therefore, AJF supports initiatives that provide women and girls, marginalized and underprivileged people with greater access to eco sustainable lifestyle solutions including water and waste management, harnessing of alternative energy resources, recycling solutions and sustainable housing, in response to the continuous global depletion of nature resources and energy crises.