Keynote Address at Queens Park SSN Conference, Toronto, Ontario

On May 4th 2011, Ms. Jiwani collaborated with the Social Services Network SSN, Toronto Police Services and the Community Mobilization Unit to address the South Asian community and front-­‐ line responders to family violence. In the course of her engagement, Ms. Jiwani provided an address “Impact of Family Violence: A South Asian Prespective.” Using her expertise in violence elimination strategies, Ms. Jiwani outlined strategies and challenges to eliminating gender based
violence using cultural tools from within the South Asian community to empower women and stop the pandemic.

Commenting on the conference and Ms. Jiwani’s involvement as a prominent expert on gender based violence, Social Services Network Executive Director, Dr. Naila Butt states: “Ms. Jiwani is an advocate for women’s empowerment movement internationally and locally and works in collaboration with civil society groups, corporate leaders, academics, government staff and stakeholders to address this issue. These are the key success factors that will lead to social change needed to eliminate the curse of family violence in our society.”