Sakai, Japan to join Safe Cities Global Initiative

The City of Sakai, Japan is poised to become the second city from a developed country to join the Safe Cities Global Initiative, which includes two flagship programmes led by UN Women, other UN partners and scores of other global and local organizations.

So far, 14 cities have signed on to the initiative, including regional urban hubs such as New Delhi, Kigali, Quito, and another 12 are participating in activities. The initiative aims to share experiences and strengthen or expand programming to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces. Dublin, Ireland was the first city from a developed OECD country to join the Safe Cities Global Initiative, in February 2013.

During the 68th Session of the United Nations’ General Assembly on 26 September, 2013, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: “Japan respects the activities of UN Women and intends to become one of its leading contributors … I wish to bring about a society where women shine, both within Japan and also in regions in conflict.”

“The first signs of strengthening and deepening the partnership are already emerging, as Sakai City has indicated its intention to join UN Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative,” says UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri.

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