Toronto Family Services Address on International Women’s Day, Toronto, Ontario

On the morning of International Women’s Day, Ms. Jiwani worked with the Toronto Family Services to launch their “If only I had known project” that targets resources and aims to educate women and immigrant refugees on how to challenge and counter domestic violence. As a result of Ms. Jiwani’s engagement with the Toronto Family Services, brochures in over 5 languages were launched and are being used to educate and protect the legal rights of women while eradicating violence against women in Canada’s immigrant communities.

Regarding, Ms. Jiwani’s participation, Brain Porter, Director of marketing and Communications for Toronto Family Services states: “We are privileged to have Almas Jiwani speak at this important launch because of her lifelong dedication to humanitarian issues and her tireless efforts to advocate for underprivileged women across the globe. She sees the promise of hope and opportunity that the If I Had Only Known project represents for women who have been victims of abuse and violence in a personal relationship. It is particularly fitting that she should speak on the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.”