UN Women National Committee Canada President Almas Jiwani Received the Tribute Award for Outstanding Contribution to Gender Equality at the 2012 Immigrant Talk Show Awards Gala in Toronto Ontario

Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada National Committee, was a keynote speaker at the 2012 Immigrant Talk Show Awards Gala and was presented with an award for her outstanding contributions to gender equality and empowerment. Ms. Jiwani was invited by Dr. Vivian Mthenjwa-Hanya, the founder, producer and host of The Immigrant Talk Show, to highlight the concept of equality within a “new immigrants” context, which is particularly fitting in the economic world of entrepreneurs or professionals. The idea of new immigrants, like women, is often perceived as a “devalued status group”; for example, over the years the concept of “new immigrants” has carried negative connotations such as struggles, poverty, welfare dependents & a burden to the Canadian taxpayers. Founded on her expertise as a champion for equality, Ms. Jiwani’s speech highlighted the value of new immigrants in Canada.

“The Immigrant Talk show was designed to explore the realities of immigration, settlement and integration of various immigrants from different backgrounds through personal interviews, talk shows and forums,” says Dr. Vivian Mthenjwa-Hanya. “Ms. Jiwani’s background, experience and diverse expertise will encourage and inspire new immigrants that there is hope in what may not be an easy journey,” adds Dr. Vivian Mthenjwa-Hanya

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