Time To Do More: Almas Jiwani To Commonwealth Heads Of State

UN Women at UBCOTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – May 15, 2015) –

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Almas Jiwani addressed the representatives of the Commonwealth nations with a keynote and spoke of the need to boost efforts to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The High Commission for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Mission monthly luncheon. “Despite evidence demonstrating the centrality of gender equality to reducing poverty, promoting development and addressing the world’s most urgent challenges, it remains an unfulfilled promise,” said Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada.

As the Commonwealth Plan of Action for Gender Equality nears an end in 2015, Jiwani urged the Commonwealth Governments to ensure that resources are allocated appropriately and effectively to provide equal opportunities and benefits for women.

“There is no short-cut to attaining gender equality but the collective track record of the Commonwealth nations leaves me with high expectations for the future,” said Jiwani.

For the first time this year, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) hosted Commonwealth Women’s Forum with theme; “WOMEN AHEAD – Be all that you can be”. In addition to exploring and addressing barriers Women face in accessing opportunities in education, business and political leadership, it will tackle other issues including women’s health and domestic violence. “We strongly believe that this would be a prime opportunity for Almas Jiwani with her expertise to provide a pertinent discourse on matters concerning women,” said Mrs. Venessa Ramhit-Ramroop, High Commissioner (Ag.).

The High Commission for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Ottawa was honoured to host this month’s Commonwealth luncheon mainly because of the powerhouse guest speaker, Ms. Almas Jiwani who so graciously accepted the High Commission’s invitation. I felt that Ms. Jiwani’s presentation on gender equality and gender mainstreaming approaches in the creation of just societies was timely and impactful in light of the fact that the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will host for the first time this year the Commonwealth Women’s Forum entitled ‘Women ahead-be all that you can be’. This also falls in line with International Women’s Day which was recently celebrated in March with the theme ‘Make it happen’. Ms. Jiwani’s awe-inspiring and motivating contribution also urged the men in the audience to support the promotion of women in holding influential positions throughout various spheres of life,” said Mrs. Venessa Ramhit-Ramroop, High Commissioner (Ag.).

During their monthly Luncheon in May 2015, the Commonwealth Heads of Mission were privileged to have as a Guest speaker Ms. Almas Jiwani, who spoke on Gender equality and Gender mainstreaming approaches. Her incisive analysis on the implications and ramifications of gender equality on society, and her advocacy for Commonwealth countries to continue giving leadership in this domain, were inspiring and very much appreciated. The Commonwealth Heads of Mission are equally grateful to our colleague and host, Mrs. Vanessa Ramhit-Ramroop, Acting High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago, for inviting Ms. Almas Jiwani to speak to us. She was indeed a most gracious host,” said H.E. Solomon Azoh-Mbi Anu’a Gheyle, High Commissioner for Cameroon.

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