UN Women Canada President Almas Jiwani Addressed African Women Parliamentarians at First Crans Montana African Women’s Forym in Brussels

Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women National Committee of Canada addressed the first African Women’s Forum held by Crans Montana in Brussels, Belgium, on March 21st and 22nd. The new forum will focus on raising the visibility of African women leaders and developing an action plan for Africa’s world integration. “It is truly an honour to be invited by Crans Montana to identify the structural barriers that continue to exist for African women in all spheres of society including the halls of power, such as corporate board rooms and chambers of parliament.

I strongly believe that it is only when women have an active role and same share of voice in policy development as men that it will result in substantive transformation,” said Ms. Jiwani. Pursuant to her opening speech on “African Women and Parliaments and the Potential Influence of African Parliaments on the Status of Women”, she also participated in the panel discussions “The Key Role of Women in the Prevention and the Resolution of Conflicts in Africa”.

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